Websites about Go

I am just a beginner blogger, but there are also many other websites (and some youtubers) with good information! Here are the four websites I frequent most:

Life in 19x19 - The biggest (and only, as far as I know) go-related forum. Lots of interesting, good information and nice people.

BenGoZen - A very active blog with reviews of equipment, reviews of games and his personal progress.

Sensei's Library - The Wikipedia of Go.

GoGameGuru - (Professional) game commentaries, a shop, BadukTV English, go news, this website has it all!

There are also some go-players out there who put very useful lectures / streams on YouTube. Here are my favorites:

Battousai - His channel has both Go videos and streams of other games, so you'll have to look through that, but he is very active. He is 5 dan and he gives lectures (on KGS, and then puts them on youtube), studies pro-games and streams his own games. He's awesome. I am a fan! (Also on twitch)

Clossius - A 4 Dan. He mainly puts lectures and reviews online. Some are very basic (ideal for beginners) and others a bit more advanced.

Nick Sibicky - I have no clue how strong he is, but his weekly lectures are very useful!

Meepsie - Another 5 dan. He mainly puts teaching games/reviews online from his twitch channel. His style is very fun and motivating!

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