Hello and welcome to my blog!

Allow me to introduce the writer of this blog shortly: She is a 2nd year communications student, who is in her last year as a teenager. She is a born and raised Dutch and happens to be very curious. She also likes to take on challenges.
Unfortunately, 70% of those challenges end up  discontinued.  The reason is simple, she finds something new, or simply forgets about it.

There is, however, one thing that keeps coming back into her life, quite persistently. This happens to be the game of Go. Also known as Baduk or Weiqi.
Our writer found out about this game 5 years ago, when she was still a 14 year old brat.
Although she taught herself the rules and started playing online, there was nobody around her who could motivate her to keep playing and to keep learning. Quickly, her passion died down and Go was not played anymore.
Until a few months later. By accident she stumbled upon it again, and decided to get back on track. But once again, after a few weeks of intense playing, she moved on.
This kept going for 5 years. Playing intensely for a few weeks, being completely engrossed with the game, just to let it slip away and pick it up a few months later.

This was, until the last time she picked the game up again. She realised that there was nothing that had stayed in her life so persistently . That had to mean something.
Determined to not give up on the game again, she decided to take up the challenge to keep playing and to keep studying this amazing game.
She was also realistic. As a full time student, who still wanted to keep a social life, she knew that it would be impossible to play very often and to study a lot. Go, unfortunately, takes up time.
But, even though she almost never played in real-life, she did have things to say about the game.
Short stories about rivals. About losing and winning. About getting stronger and weaker.
This is why she started a blog.
This blog.

Here she will keep track of her progress, and force herself to stay connected to the game, even if she can’t play. She will combine her love for writing and her passion for Go.
She might not be a strong player and she might not be able to teach, but she can tell about her experiences and her reasons for loving the game.

Thank you very much for reading this far (unless you skipped most of it, in that case: Boo!), and I hope to see you back soon!

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