Unrealistic goals

The 12th World Students GO OZA Championship

I am seriously considering signing up for the ‘World Student Go Oza’ championship preliminaries.
Technically I meet all of the requirements to participate, so why am I doubting?
Because I obviously don’t stand  a chance.
The thing is, I don’t mind not standing a chance, but wouldn’t I be wasting somebody else’s time?
I am not even a high kyu, so it would be weird for me to participate in something like this, right?
On the other hand, they don’t mention an indication of a minimum strength anywhere, so maybe they don’t mind?
I’m probably just over thinking this.

Anyway, I have given myself time until the 23rd of November to decide whether or not I will sign up, since registration closes the 24th.
Until then, I am going to do some ‘semi-intense’ studying, and if this is effective,  I will sign up. If not, I probably won’t sign up either. No matter what the outcome, at least I'll be motivated to study.

As for my studying, I want to do at least one hour of problems every day, watch one lecture of ‘Becoming 5 kyu’ (GoGameGuru’s Baduk TV English service) every day, play one game (including review) every day, spend about half an hour on go theory.
That should total to about 3 and a half hours of go studying a day.

This does not include things that I do for enjoyment (e.g. watching Baduk TV reviews, replaying pro games, watching high dans play online), because I honestly don’t think that actually helps me improve, but I’ll keep doing it because it is fun J.

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