Keep your head in the game

Accidents can happen anywhere, and any time.
For example, when you’re  biking and don’t look ahead. And then bike into a (parked) van and have to spend half of your day at the hospital because your thumb is dislocated.
But that just sounds crazy right? I mean, who is so stupid?


Anyway, this incident (that absolutely didn’t happen), reminded me that you have to keep paying attention.
Just because you CAN bike the way from university to home with your eyes closed, doesn’t mean you should.
The same goes for go actually. Did you ever lose a (almost) won game because of a careless mistake? I have. Too often really.
It’s a quite frustrating and makes you look silly. After such a thing happens I will just repeat to myself how stupid the mistake was, and forget to look at the rest of the game, even though reviewing the whole game would be much more effective.
The same goes when my opponent does that. Sometimes the game is pretty close (or I think it is) and then my opponent makes a big mistake. I will feel stupid if I ignore it, but I also won’t be happy when I win because of that.
The frustration!!!

Moral of the story: don’t lose your concentration, just because you THINK you don’t need it. Because you do. My thumb is the (painful) living proof.

That title is not from high school musical. At all.

I was 14, don’t judge me!

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